The Cleaner Safer Group (CSG) proudly announces its launch, marking a significant step forward in our collective journey towards a cleaner, safer and more sustainable environment. As a company limited by guarantee without share capital, our organisation’s commitment is pure and firmly rooted in its purpose: to work together for a cleaner, safer and more sustainable environment.  

Forging a Path to Environmental Excellence 

At the heart of CSG’s mission is a profound commitment to environmental stewardship. By amalgamating the strengths of HETAS and Woodsure, we aim to significantly elevate our involvement in the environmental sector. HETAS brings to the table its expertise in identifying the best available appliance for heating properties, ensuring energy efficiency and upholding user safety. In contrast, Woodsure focuses on promoting fuel that is dry and suitable to burn in order to reduce particulate matter, thereby contributing to cleaner air. 

We believe that education and advocacy are instrumental in driving change. Through HETAS and Woodsure’s joint network of installers, retailers, suppliers, sweeps and service personnel, we aim to leverage our combined influence to forge a clear road ahead for consumers and the wider industry on sustainable burning practices.  

Embracing New Horizons 

Cleaner Safer Group is not just a transformation but an evolution from our focus on safety to encompassing a broader environmental perspective, including a commitment to Net Zero objectives. We recognise the planet’s urgent need and the government’s push for adopting renewables, aligning our efforts with the global drive towards Net Zero emissions. However, green tech – while undoubtedly the end goal – does not always meet a property’s heating requirements at this current time. Building on the trusted marks and the collective expertise of HETAS and Woodsure, our strategy includes exploring compelling synergies between circular solid fuel solutions and renewables. This approach aims to significantly enhance air quality now, while also contributing to the long-term goal of a sustainable, carbon-neutral future. 

Leadership and Structure 

Under the guidance of Bruce Allen, the Cleaner Safer Group will continue to operate as a not-for-profit entity, with independent members and directors, ensuring that our focus remains squarely on our mission.  

The new CSG mark will serve as an umbrella group, providing a rationale and structure to the wide breadth of our functions and services. This includes schemes we currently administer – such as the Ready to Burn certification scheme and the Biomass Suppliers List – which remain contracted to HETAS and Woodsure. Furthermore, we see our role extending beyond certification and consultancy to become a vehicle for reassurance, offering a wider range of environmental services.  

The Cleaner Safer Group represents a bold step forward in our commitment to a cleaner, safer and more sustainable world. Our repositioning is a collaborative effort spearheaded by HETAS and Woodsure, our two not-for-profit entities which have long been deeply ingrained in the solid fuel and biomass sector. As we embark on this new chapter, we are excited about the prospects and challenges which lie ahead. We are committed to supporting government efforts across all areas of the United Kingdom, raising awareness of improved burning standards and driving change for safety and environmental sustainability.
– Bruce Allen
CEO of Cleaner Safer Group